"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
-Edgar Allan Poe
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    Attack Prediction - The power to predict and interpret others attacks hell yeah try fighting me
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    God mode?
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    Good Embodiment The power to be the embodiment of good in the universe. Opposite to Evil Embodiment. Capabilities The...
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    Subatomic Manipulation The power to manipulate subatomic particles. The ultimate level of Telekinesis and the advanced...
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    Darkness Embodiment: the ability to become the embodiment of pure darkness. … Well shit D:
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    arashikami: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Genie_Physiology — Huh. That’s just… huh.
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    http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Effect_Field_Projection wow i am a giant bamf look at this shit
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    Alcohol Empowerment “Those who have mastered the aspects of alcohol can become a powerful and unpredictable fighter than...
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    The ability to manipulate, control and affect the weather.
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    Mysticism Power to use Mysticism, a pure from of magic. Mysticism is an untainted form of magic that can be used in many...
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    The power to mimic the traits of diseases. A sub-power ofDisease Manipulation
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    one knows everything and anything infinitely.
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    Slavic Deity Physiology. Power to use the traits and powers of Slavic Deities. *Followed by a list of many many Slavic...
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    Time Immobilisation: The ability to stop time and move around normally. Uses*Cover distances instantaneously to any...
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    I have telempathy? i see this so well fits me…can communicate with my emotions and i can project my emotions on others.
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    Shard Manipulation: Power to create slivers of matter or energy and manipulate them. User can gather stray particles or...
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    Hellhound Physiology…? Ohmigod I’m a Pokemon
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    Lunar Manipulation The ability to manipulate the power of Lunar energy. A sub-power of Cosmic Manipulation. The users...
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    Power to have the traits and abilities of Chinese Deities. Variation of the Transcendent Physiology. I have like,...
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    Laser Emission.
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    Strong Force Manipulation I can use protons and neutrons and stuff in the air to change the molecular structure of...
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    Memory Absorption.
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    Creating “THE STUFF” with unbearable stench and disgusting materials. I call this………SHITTING!
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    Orbital Debris Manipulation is the ability to generate and manipulate objects in orbit around the planet and the user....
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    control over time flow, can make time go faster or slow it down. still practicing time travels, not that good with those...
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    Siberian Deity Physiology The power to mimic the traits and abilities of the Siberian Deities. Uh I have no idea what...
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    Power to use Mysticism, a pure form of Magic. Opposed by Dark Arts. OOOOH
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    /table flip/ DAMMIT That would be so cool to have as a superpower afkjkflkjlfjkfs I’m jelly e3e
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    "List of Methods of Flight" so does this mean i have all of these or
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    Mind Exchange hm.
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